Creating a Persona

To build a succesfull brand online, you should have many social media networks to work off so you can spread your online profile quickly and are more recognisable when people search your name through online search engines. It is very important to put yourself out there on many social media outlets. The more sites that you are on the easier is to get noticed by companies and head hunters. It is vital to have a strong personal brand and you spend plenty of time putting it together. If a company looks you up and you have inappropriate content on your sites they will not hire you. The best way to build a personal brand online is by using social media sites such as facebook, mailchimp, and wordpress. By using these sites you can make yourself known online. By self googling you can see if your brand is out there. Using different social media pages is also a great way to get product across to a large media audience. MailChimp is a very easy way to increase the knowledge of your brand as everyone now days has an email address. its the easiest and most efficient way of spreading your personal brand quick and fast. from the reasons I have written above it is clear to see that by having many social media platforms this is the best way to get more noticed online.